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David’s Supermarkets recognizes that many of our customers are committed to providing nutritious and healthy meals for their families.  We are committed to stocking every one of our stores with all of the fresh ingredients to make those healthy choices possible.  At every David’s store, you will find a wide array of very lean cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, processed daily in our own meat facility and shipped to each store in our own refrigerated trucks.  You’ll also find a tremendous variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, many of them from local farms and suppliers, and many delivered to the store within 48 hours of harvesting.  Many folks say our milk products taste better than any they’ve tried.  We process our David’s brand milk products in our own dairy facility every day and take them to each of our stores in our own refrigerated trucks.  Many of our long-time customers say you can taste the difference.  Throughout our store, you’ll find lots of unique and delicious ingredients that very well may make your cooking fun again.  Here are a few links to some web sites where you can search and try some new recipes that’ll make you look like a hero to your family at mealtime!

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