David's Meat Program

David's Meat DepartmentDavid's meat is processed in a modern, "state-of-the-art" facility that was designed to produce the highest quality, most healthy, wholesome meat product on the market today.

The processing day begins with a pre-operation inspection of all equipment to insure the sanitation and safety of all meat products. David's plant uses the USDA safety program, HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points), to prevent hazardous pathogens and food borne illness. The critical control points are monitored, verified and documented on a daily basis to insure our customers that they can buy the best product possible.

Meat DeptOur beef and pork are processed at the David's facility. Each cut of meat is carefully prepared to be transported via David's truck to each store ready for sale. A safer, healthier product, guaranteed for freshness, is available in every David's Supermarket.

Why Beef Has Chicken on the Run:

Lean beef is enjoying a healthy new respect. Six of beef’s leanest cuts average only one more gram of saturated fat than skinless chicken breast, per 3 oz. serving. But that’s just half the story. Find out how beef has a competitive advantage by viewing the nutrition ads  and facts about beef.

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